What is Kerygma Network?

     Kerygma Network is an association of churches and ministries gathered around the sound of the proclamation of the apostolic New Testament gospel. 

     “Kerygma” – the proclamation of the irreducible essence of the New Testament gospel. It is the “sound” of the gospel that creates the mandate and the message that build up the church as it embraces the kingdom of God. 

Assumptions that undergird the basic philosophy:

     Every church, ministry, and leader has been placed in relationships and/or geographical locations to work with the other like-minded ones to aid the spread of the Kingdom’s influence. (Leaders too busy to meaningfully relate to other leaders are not hearing the sound.)

     The New Testament gospel transforms hearts and must be continually and clearly preached and practiced in every situation where ministry is needed.

     The only legitimate measure of success in ministry is the effectiveness of disciples who themselves demonstrate the Kingdom in their lives. They will have the obvious fruit of love, hope, and faith. (2 Corinthians 3: Paul says the believers in Corinth are the letter of commendation for his ministry.)

     Since we live under the stipulations of the New Covenant, we expect the Holy Spirit to make real the benefits of it in our lives: obedient living and transformational ministry.

     We all have different roles to play and are eagerly seeking to submit to the recognized gifts among us. Worthy work deserves worthy support.

What does it mean to participate in Kerygma Network? 

I am part of a team with a defined identity and a stated mission.

I am committed to equipping those directly under my care and to affecting those beyond my local church including both ecclesial and marketplace people.

I have priority access to spiritual fathers and to those with apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching and pastoral gifts.

I am confident that I am never alone; I am at most a phone call away from a loving friend.

I am a part of a mutually accountable team that covers me morally, spiritually, and doctrinally.

I have priority access to scheduled equipping events sponsored by Kerygma Network and Kerygma Ventures.

I can participate with other Kerygma Network members in opportunities such as youth camps, family camps, retreats, church plants, etc.

I am investing financially in the ministry of Kerygma Network through relational connections with those who provide oversight and ministry support.

I maintain organizational accountability by specifying Kerygma Network’s role in crisis management including having my by-laws on file with Kerygma Network.