Pastor Kenny and Miss Lynn travel extensively throughout the country caring for and equipping pastors and leaders and their families.Pastor Kenny and Miss Lynn

The care they bring is lasting and sincere.

"Having Kenny as part of your church to speak into your Pastor’s life is a blessing. You get more than a phone call or a yearly visit. He brings you into his family and makes you feel like you are welcome to the table. When Lynn has the opportunity to travel with him it is such a gift to Kenny and to the church. These two balance each other out in so many ways. She is a great listener and observer. Lynn has the ability to make women who feel a bit left out or nervous, feel at ease in their presence. Kenny can be a bit larger than life at times and she has a way of filling the empty spaces with genuine warmth and love. When Kenny and Lynn travel to visit and encourage the Pastors and Elders of a church, they both leave as part of the Church Community. They have a unique way of making every person feel like they are a part of their inner circle.: the circle that they invest their heart, their time, and their prayers. We are so thankful to have them both as part of our church community and part of our family."